Too Many Cinderellas

There was a ball held at a castle in a far-off country. The Prince of the country met Cinderella at the ball and fell in love with her. He decides he wishes to marry her and sets off to find her. Unfortunately, he doesn't actually remember anything about her and is left wondering aloud to all: "Does anyone know Cinderella?" Hearing this, many influential people begin spreading rumors that their servant is the actual Cinderella.

In Too Many Cinderellas, players represent powerful people in the far-off country who are trying to influence the Prince's decision about who is the real Cinderella, pointing him towards their "Cinderella". If anyone tries to spread misinformation about your "Cinderella", you can just say "NO!" at the audience with the Prince. Many Cinderellas have gathered; who will be recognized as the real "Cinderella" by the Prince?

In game terms, the deck of cards is shuffled and each player receives four cards. The person with the smallest feet starts first. A player wins a round when she has the "true" Cinderella. To find the "true" Cinderella, each player lays down a card. The card dictates which card will be or won't be the real Cinderella. When a card is laid down, everyone secretly votes whether or not they want the new rule for that round. This repeats until each player has played two cards. Then everyone reveals their hand, and whoever has the card that matches all the rules laid out in the round is the winner for having the "true" Cinderella. In cases of ties, the winner is the player with the highest card.

Game #3 in 'The Mike Line' of games from Grail Games.

Category: Strategy Games

Type: Card Games

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