Rubbish Auction

This game is an auction that should not be a successful bid.
Exhibit of this auction is Rubbish.
Players have participated for appearance.

All players will sealed bid against Rubbish in order.
The successful bid was the player to bid the Rubbish, and then deducted the bid amount from the honor points.
Lowest price of the player will get the rights of the next of auctioneer.
All of the other players will be added points the bid amount of money to honor points.

Seven of Rubbish is the end of the game at the time has been a successful bid.

In fact, all of the players, has been assigned the role of a secret at the start of the game.
Rubbish that has been written on the role of the secret will be bonus points.
And honor points, the sum of the bonus point of Rubbish, the highest person is the winner.

Category: Strategy Games

Type: Card Games

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