Desert Bazaar

Contents in shrink. Unplayed, mint. 

Intermediate card drafting, tile laying game.

Players can do 1 of 2 things on their turn:

1 - Roll for Additional Resources


2 - Build Tents

Tents cost a specific 3-card building cost and once played, produce 1 resource type. Players must pay the exact resources to buy a tile. Once bought, the tile may be placed anywhere on the board. If a tile is placed adjacent to no other tiles, it scores 2 points immediately. If a tile is placed adjacent to another tile, it may use the resource that the already placed tile produces to reduce its building cost.

An encampment of tents can contain no more than 7 tent tiles. Once an encampment has 7 tent tiles in it, it is scored. Players score 1 point for every tent tile they built in the encampment. The player who played the 7th tile to close the encampment scores an addition point as a closing bonus.

Play continues until there are no legal places to play tiles. Player with the most points wins. 

In the blistering heart of the desert, a caravan route winds its way through a lush oasis. The steady stream of travelers and pilgrims who cross the simmering dunes to this place are in desperate need of goods and supplies.

As an enterprising merchant, you plan to meet the demand.

Set up shop by building encampments, stitching them together from various merchant tents. Peddle camels, water, and other resources to expand your trade. The player who takes control of the most encampments gains control of the entire Desert Bazaar... and wins the game.


Type: Unknown Type

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