Cranium Zooreka

Race to build your ultimate zoo in Cranium Zooreka! Collect and trade food, animals, and shelters to create one-of-a-kind habitat combinations.

There's never a dull moment as you move around the board, landing on a variety of spaces like:

  • Trading Post: Trade food, animal, and shelter cards as you strategize to collect four habitats for your zoo
  • Lucky Day: Earn extra chances to gain resources for trading and building, putting you one step closer to Opening Day
  • Stormy Weather: Encounter unexpected events, like an unorganized zoo keeper forgetting to order your panda food!
  • Clear Skies: Get fun surprises to advance your zoo, like gorillas having babies!

Every turn keeps each player thinking and planning their way to the ribbon cutting. The first player to complete a zoo gets to celebrate their Opening Day!

Type: Unknown Type

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