Tybor der Baumeister - At the King's Behest

Tybor the Builder: At the King's Behest consists of twenty-four (four of them are rule / deck cards) new cards that comprise three modules that can be added to the Tybor the Builder base game individually or in any combination. The three modules are as follows:

1) Royal Decrees

This module offers ten cards which show a royal decree. These decrees can be fulfilled in a similar manner as the Public Objectives from the base game. The difference is that the decrees are fulfilled in game and can only be fulfilled by one player.

2) The Councilmen

This module adds a new kind of character who is offering a new symbol and bonus accordingly. If a Councilman becomes a citizen of your tableau, each Legal Text symbol is worth 1 point for every set of discounts of all four colors.

3) The Mystery

This module adds four new buildings to the game. These buildings not only offer the usual victory points, but also serve as one symbol of your choice for game end scoring.

Category: Strategy Games

Type: Card Games

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