The Castles Of Burgundy – The Team Game Expansion

A Spieledeluxe favourite by board game designer Stefan Feld. 

Play in 2-player teams. Team members should sit next to each other. All rules from the original game apply except for the following changes:

Before you Start

The "Give each player..." section from the original rules is changed as follows:

1 double board, consisting of two half boards. (After you have gained some experience with this expansion, feel free to use the more challenging reverse side of the boards.)

1 castle, placed on the dark green center space. (When playing with the advanced board, each team can choose either the dark green 1-hex or the 6-hex.)

3 random goods tiles, placed on the respective shared storage spaces. Tiles of the same color are placed on top of each other.

3 worker tiles (for team A) and 5 worker tiles (for team B) as well as 2 Silverlings for each team. Worker tiles and Silverlings are placed on the respective shared spaces of the board.

In addition, each player chooses a color and receives 2 dice and 2 playing pieces (victory points and turn order) of their chosen color. Those are placed for each player separately. Place the turn order pieces according to the determined turn order. Round 1 is played taking turns (A1, B1, A2, B2), all subsequent rounds are played according tot the turn order track.

How to Play

The game is played using the original rules, except that each player only has two storage spaces available to place their six-sided tiles. To make up for that, they can also use the two shared storage spaces (top center). Both players of a team can use shared assets (workers, goods, silverlings, and up to 2 six-sided tiles) at any time during their turn, but they can't use their team partner's six sided tiles. You can't move the six-sided tiles once they've been placed.


Add up the victory points of the team members. The team with the higher score wins the game. In case of a tie, the team with more vacant spaces in their realm wins.

Category: Strategy Games

Type: Board Games

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