Space Marine Assault Squad

Space marine Assault Squads are the Space Marines answer to the Cavalry of the future. Armed with array of fearsome combat weapons and pistols, and capable of jumping over almost any terrain they quickly bring the fight to the enemy and carve a deadly path in the flanks of those that dare take on the might of the Imperium. After jumping to great heights with their jump packs they crash down in the very centre of the enemy soldiers, crushing bones with the impact and finishing off any survivors with the effortless skill. There are deathly reasons the enemies of Mankind fear the Assault Squads fearsome charges.

This re-sculpted assault squad kit now comes with five dynamic miniatures with all the latest weapon upgrades and bases. From grav-pistols to a double handed chain sword as tall as the model itself. An essential for any Space Marine collector.

This is a highly detailed multi-part plastic kit, models supplied unpainted and some assembly will be required.

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