Runebound: Fall of the Dark Star

The coming of the dark star has long been foretold among the dark prophets of Terrinoth. When it falls, they say, an age of darkness will overtake the world, and its coming shall be heralded by a rain of dark shards that corrupt every stout and honorable soul. This dark and corrupted Terrinoth becomes the focus of your struggle to survive with theFall of the Dark Star Scenario Pack

Like other Scenario PacksFall of the Dark Star introduces an entirely new scenario to your games of Runebound with a substantially different experience. There is no evil nemesis that must be destroyed to restore peace; your goal is simply to become the strongest and survive for another day. Over the course of the game, you’ll collect more and more dark shards. These dark shards boost your health, but they also force you to draw from a deck of brand-new corruption cards. Each of these corruption cards offers a drawback—for instance, Darkening Sight raises the requirements of each exploration quest and Exiled forces you to become delayed whenever you enter a town or stronghold. 

Category: Strategy Games

Type: Board Games

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