Piraten Kapern

At the start of a turn, the active player rolls the eight special dice. She must set aside any skulls rolled, and her turn ends immediately with no score if she rolls a third skull. The player is free to set aside any number of other dice, rerolling the rest. She may continue to do this until the skulls get her or he stops. She then scores for dice combinations, with a three-of-a-kind earning 100 points, a four-of-a-kind 200 points, and so on all the way up to an eight-of-a-kind earning 4,000 points. Each gold or diamond showing is worth 100 points on its own. A player earns a 500 point bonus if all eight dice score.

If a player rolls four or more skulls on her first roll, she heads to Skull Island for the turn, setting aside those skulls and continuing to roll as long as she sets aside at least one skull each time. Once she stops, all other players lose 100 points for each skull showing.

Before a player starts to roll for her turn, however, she draws a card from the pirate deck, which affects what's possible on that turn: She might score double for the treasure she collects, or need to roll sabers to fight off other pirates, or receive a free diamond or gold coin, or be able to score treasure even if he collect three skulls.

Once a player reaches 6,000 points, all other players take one final turn, then the player with the most points wins.

Category: Strategy Games

Type: Card Games

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