Pharoah's Gulo Gulo

Pharaoh's Gulo Gulo, a reimplementation of the 2003 game Gulo Gulo, challenges players to make their way through a desert, then through the Pharaoh's pyramid. Before the game begins, players lay out face-down tiles on the desert path, in the pyramid, and in the mummy's burial chamber. The mummy figure starts outside the burial chamber, and the players start at the beginning of the desert.

If the player lands on a tile showing one or more mummy heads, the mummy advances that many spaces, moving again if it lands on a tile showing mummy heads. If the mummy passes a player or lands on the same space as one, that player must discard a scarab or retreat immediately to the pyramid entrance. The mummy roams back and forth from burial chamber to entrance, so you'll encounter it at least once!

A player must have at least two scarabs to enter the burial chamber, after which the player must complete two boulder grabs in a row based on the tiles in that chamber. The first player to do so wins!

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