Mothership: Tabletop Combat - Black Box Edition

Comes with trays to hold miniatures. 

The great Space Disagreement of 5406 has forced your entire colony to flee into the dark depths of outer space. You’re not alone. Other colonies too seek refuge from the war. All scramble to harvest the valuable resources on undiscovered planets. Your mission: destroy all other colonies. Diplomacy is boring. Shoot first, confirm if they were enemies later...


Mothership combines miniatures, strategy and dice combat games into an easy to pick up experience that everyone can enjoy. Control a fleet of ships and charge through the galaxy, capturing planets, building defences and amassing powerful technologies.
Play Deathmatch Mode in a gripping, last-man standing fight for power or play the fast and frantic Victory Point Mode. With game play that’s built from the ground up to eliminate end-game drag, you’ll find Mothership to be light-hearted, engaging and thrilling from start to finish.

Modular Board - Endless combinations means you’ll never play the same game twice
Control Panel - Puts you in charge of managing power on your Mothership
Light Mechanics - A Sci-Fi board game that cuts right to the combat. Light on weight, heavy on fun!

Type: Board Games

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