Karakuri Cube Box #4

Karakuri Cube Boxes are designed in the checkered pattern which very effectively disguises the opening movements and mechanisms. The boxes are exact cubes with no distinguishing marks on any side and this makes it difficult to even know if you have the puzzle the right way up to open.

The Karakuri Creation Group’s woodworking skills are very well known and the finish on these boxes is extremely high.

Each of the four has different opening mechanisms to give you a range of challenges. They are not designed for you to progress from one to the other. They are quite separate challenges.

The action to open each box is very smooth. The base is Maple and for each of the four designs, they have uséd a different contrasting colour so you can tell them apart.

Puzzle Box 1 – Maple / Keyaki (from the Zelkova serrata tree (a type of Elm) blonde colour
Puzzle Box 2 – Maple / Wenge (darker brown)
Puzzle Box 3 – Maple / Walnut (mid brown)
Puzzle Box 4 – Maple / Chanchin (red colour)

Size outside: 60mm x 60mm x 60mm Space inside: 30mm x 30mm x 30mm
Each puzzle is packaged with an illustrated solution sheet.

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