Jukem Soccer

On Your Turn: Place an offensive card (or combination of cards) from your hand face down in front of you, either to set up a shot or take one.

Setting up a shot: In order to play a SHOT card to try to score a goal, you must first play 3, 4, or 5 offensive cards to get close enough to do so. The number of setup plays you need is shown at the top of each SHOT card. The Cards that set up a SHOT are PASS cards, HEADER cards, and the FLOP card.

Taking a shot: Once you've made enough plays to take a certain goal shot, you may play that SHOT card on your next turn. Before playing the card, say "SHOT!" Then hold your SHOT card face down in the center of the playing area. If your opponent has a SAVE card, he/she holds it face down near your SHOT card. On the count of three, you and your opponent flip your cards face up, checking out the cards to see if your shot is blocked or not. If your goal shot is blocked, place your possession, the SHOT card and the SAVE card face down into the discard pile. Both player replenish their hands to five cards. This ends your turn. If you score a goal, place your possession beside you with the SHOT card face up on top, to remind you that you scored a goal, This also end your turn.

Ending a Half: When the draw pile runs out, keep taking turns to play as many of your cards as you can. If one player runs out of plays, the other player can keep making plays until no more plays are possible. Remember how many goal you scored in the first half. Then shuffle the entire deck and begin the second half, with the player who did not deal in the first half dealing. The second half plays and the ends the same as the first half.

How to win: When the second half ends, the player with the most goals wins. In case of a tie, play again. The player who score the first goal wins

Type: Card Games

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