HEX HEX NEXT - Second Hand

Our Deviously Simple, Delightfully Mean-Spirited, Wickedly Fast-Paced game, HEX HEX is back with a vengeance in HEX HEX NEXT.

Featuring all new cards, this latest edition can be played as a stand-alone game or added to your current HEX HEX deck for even more fun ways to ‘stab a friend in the back’.

Play with no cards in your hand - by using the hands of others with ‘No Man’s Hand’. Let everyone who touches the Hex ‘Rot’ away. Long to be ‘The Forgotten’ and gain Voice for each card still in your hand at the rounds end. Or ‘Rip Asunder’ your Hex and place one before every other player instead.

Category: Party Games

Type: Card Games

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