Harry Potter: Mystery at Hogwarts Game - Second Hand

Complete in almost new condition except for a sticker that has come off one of the dice. Will not affect game play and could easily be replaced. 

This Clue-based game comes with a game board, Fluffy Folder (for holding the solution), 2 special dice, 6 wizard hat pawns, 1 ghost pawn, 10 Hogwarts event cards, 6 Character cards, 6 Magic cards, 9 Room cards, 2 Summary cards, and a Check List Pad.
The object of the game is to deduce which student cast which forbidden spell in which room in Hogwart's School. Once a player thinks he/she knows the solution they must travel to the difficult to reach third floor where Fluffy guards the answer.
While most of the mechanics of play will be familiar to any player of the classic Clue, a few new elements in the game may require a slightly different approach to play.

Category: Kids Games

Type: Board Games

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