Dungeons & Dragons - Tales from the Yawning Portal

  • Against the Giants
  • Dead in Thay (Liches get stitches)
  • Forge of Fury (I know I put those swords around here somewhere)
  • Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan (It belongs in a museum!)
  • Sunless Citadel (Hey does that tree look weird to you?)
  • Tomb of Horrors (You’re dead and your friends are dead, and–wait, no come back guys this game is fun right?)
  • White Plume Mountain (Wave, Whelm, and Stormbringer Blackrazor’s Wild Ride!)

That’s enough adventure to (if you just wanted to run everyone through these dungeons) take players from 1-15th level. Or you could crib from the books and use the encounters in here–a lot of 3rd edition adventures had weird villains, like evil druids and duergar wizards and stuff, which make for great things to drop into your ongoing campaign.

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