Daemon Dice Starter (Dice Battle Game)

Daemon Dice is a fast-paced game of individual combat between monsters of every shape and daemonish breed. Each player assembles a daemon from dice representing various body parts. These monsters are then pitted against each other in battle. A player loses if he cannot roll any dice on his turn. Originally designed by Lester Smith as Chaos Progenitus, the rules for Daemon Dice have been developed further by Chuck Pint and Cliff Wiggs of SFR, Inc.

The Daemon Dice starter includes 26 18mm 6-sided custom dice, enough for two players to begin their diabolic battles: 13 assorted body parts for each of two breeds of daemon (Frost and Rot). Additional expansions will be released to add new breeds of daemons to your battles, and to add powerful new weapons to the combat.

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