Bacon Wars - Second Hand

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Dark times have fallen over the kingdom of Baconia, the mythical kingdom where bacon grows on trees. Beloved and powerful Queen Angie O'Plasty has died and left no heir, leaving the barons competing for supremacy.

In Bacon Wars, you are a baron(ess) vying for dominance over Baconia in the power vacuum the Queen left. Can you be the baron that seizes control over the delicious land?

Each player control bacon orchards and uses bacon strips (yielded in part by those orchards) to play cards. Cards come in several different types and require different bacon costs be paid in order to be played. Players take turns drawing cards and spending bacon to play them until there is a winner.

To win, a player must either:
A) be the only player with any orchards left, or
B) have two level 3 orchards at the beginning of his or her turn.

Type: Card Games

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