CV Pocket

Would you like to be somebody else? CV Pocket lets you create an incredible life history in 15 minutes. Choose your work, hobby and friends, make hard life choices, and defeat your opponents!

CV Pocket is a totally new compact card game full of interesting decisions. The game introduces innovative card selection mechanism. Cards are laying on the table in three rows of 5 cards each. During your turn you can acquire first, second or third card from any row, depending on the transportation symbol on the topmost card in your CV. You can travel one space on a bike, two in a car, or even three in a plane.

Players try to outsmart and block their opponents, and allow themselves to take the best card in the next turn. On the cards you can find different symbols. Your goal is to create best sets of wisdom, relationships, money, and good and bad luck symbols. Missions will help you to score even more points. Be a real hispter and score points for your bikes!

Several kinds of special cards allow you to create interesting combos. Vacation doubles your next card, and relocation lets you take any card form the tableau.

Build the most impressive resume and win in CV Pocket!

Category: Strategy Games

Type: Card Games

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