Agricola: World Championship Deck – 2011

The five mini-decks can be shuffled together to form a single deck that can be played by itself or mixed into some or all of the EGIK decks. Or, you can play the mini-decks.

How to play the Mini-Decks
There are several ways to play the minidecks (labelled alpha, beta, gamma, delta and epsilon)

  • To learn to utilize the decks: each player gets one deck and discards down to 7 occupations and 7 minor improvements.


Either randomize who's getting what deck or (for experienced players) let players bid for the decks they want to play.

  • Or: Play a Booster Draft. Each player gets a deck. First, draft Occupations in clockwise direction until everyone has 7. Then, draft Improvements counter-clockwise until everyone has 7.
  • Or: play any other draft format where you need boosters.

Category: Strategy Games

Type: Board Games

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